Trayn’d Bandes of London Publications

The TBL publishes a series of resources for living history. All TBL publications are currently available through Syke’s Sutlery (see the Suppliers page). For more details on the TBL Publications, or to suggest ideas for new ones, contact Chris Snell. The following titles are currently available:

    • The Englishe Breviat: A Concise Guide to Elizabethan and Stuart Living History
      Jeffrey L. Singman. 44 pp., illustrations, patterns.
      Intended to provide sufficient basic information for an individual to participate in a living history event.
    • The Elizabethan Trained Bands: An Introduction
      Jeff Morgan and Jeffrey L. Singman. 22 pp., illustrations.
      Information on the organisation, training, and equipment of the Trained Bands.
    • Pious, Bibulous, and Rude: Rounds and Catches of the Elizabethan and Stuart Age
      Jeffrey L. Singman. 54 pp., music.
      135 rounds from the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.
    • The Tudor-Stuart Sourcebook
      ed. Jeffrey L. Singman. 98 pp., illustrations, patterns, music.
      Diverse materials for living history, including information on daily life, language, clothing, tents, food, entertainments, tacticals.
    • A Living History Guide to Elizabethan Southwark, c1585-1605
      Jeffrey L. Singman. c50 pp., illustrations, maps.
      Detailed information on this setting for living history.
    • Goodfellowes Academie: A Booke of Divers Pious Observations, Japesome Songs, and Merrie Dances
      Maureen Martinez and Jeffrey L. Singman. 2 vols., music.
      Volume 1 is a period-style book usable as an aide-memoire for events, with prayers, lyrics, dances, games. Volume 2 (46 pp.) contains modern notes on the various materials included in Vol. 1.
    • Military Music of the Tudor and Stuart Age
      Jeffrey L. Forgeng. 31pp., illustrations, music.
      A treatise on the calls used for drills including excerpts from period sources.
  • The Fencer’s, Dancer’s, & Berbaiter’s Quarterly Ten Year Anniversary Edition
    ed. Cathy Snell. 59pp., illustrations.
    A compilation of the research articles published in TBL newsletter from 1991-2002 covering a variety of subjects.

The TBL has also been involved in the publication of the following excellent resources:

    • Daily Life in Elizabethan England, Second Edition
      Jeffrey L. Singman (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2009).
      A general account of life in the period, heavily informed by living history, and geared towards living history use; includes patterns, songs, games, etc.
  • The English Civil War Society of America Handbook
    Robert Giglio.
    An extensive manual for ECW re-enactors, containing information on both military and civilian subjects.

Newsletter: The Fencers, Dancers, and Bearbaiters Quarterly, produced from 1992 to 2008
Archived PDF copies, available online.