Member’s Websites

Extreme Costuming – Laura Mellin, Costuming, Embroidery, etc.

Blood and Sawdust – Tom Rettie, Woodworking

Elizabethan Mafia – Alison Stalls Kannon, Costuming, Historic Fighting Manuals,

Kate’s Corner – Cathy Snell, Costuming, Outerwear, Games, Woodworking, etc.

Eleanor’s Closet Opened – Sandy Toscano’s blog

Darkwood Armory – Scott and Lesley Wilson’s business, Swords, fittings, gloves, etc.

Victoria’s Images – Victoria Dye, Photography

Genvieve.net – Jen Thies, Embroidery, String arts, Costuming

Other Resources

A Shakespeare Compendium of Shakespeare-related websites.
A Renaissance Faire site with diverse useful links.
Arachne’s Web page on Renaissance lacemaking.
ElizabethanCostume.net -Drea Leed’s links and articles on costuming
Medieval and Renaissance cuisine.Medieval and Renaissance brewing.Elizabethan Fencing and the Art of DefenceThe fencing treatise of DiGrassi, His True Art of Defence.Online versions of the Silver’s Paradoxes of Defence and Brief Instructions.
A RenFair site on Elizabethan language, including vocabulary and pronunciation.
Pages on early music and dance.
A first-rate site with extensive information on pre-1600 ballads and songs.