Current Projects

Kitchen – Plans are well underway to build a Kitchen down at the Tavern site. A separate kitchen is not only the period option, but will be a simpler single story timber framed building, and something to test out the techniques of the period on a smaller scale. Two members attended a timber framing workshop in the Fall 2013, and we hope to have timber framing in progress in Spring 2015.

Governor’s Clothes – Some Members of Gardiner’s were commissioned by the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation to create two new suits of clothes for the new Governor’s Row house in the Fort at Jamestown Settlement. Delivered on June 2013!

Atlantia’s Fall University
Sep 17 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Atlantia’s Fall University, a day of classes on a variety of fun topics.


Foods and Feasts @ Jamestown Settlement
Nov 24 – Nov 26 all-day

Foods & Feasts of Colonial Virginia

Gardiner’s Company Members and Friends will be volunteering in the Jamestown Fort for Foods and Feasts, a celebration of Colonial and English foodways.