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Governor’s Clothes Documentation

The Governor Handout -updated

Attached (linked above) is the process documentation for creating the Governor’s new clothes (Jamestown project).  Carla Bauer, Tammy Jones, and I all worked on the garments, and tried to document as we went, but we had a hard and firm deadline; much was written after we were finished.  We really need to write the documentation for each part of the process such as the fingerloop braided trim, patterning, fabrics, etc.  There’s so much we could show for each part.

It was a fun project, and the three of us learned a lot in the process.



We’re so busy, we haven’t had time to really sit down and write up much.  I have been taking pictures of construction and all, I just haven’t organized them into anything remotely coherent.  So, what you are getting is a picture update.

The burgundy suit is proceeding well, and we’re at the button holes and buttons phase with the doublet.  It took awhile to work out the best way to do the buttonholes on that shreddy fabric, but we’ve got it.  The pants are very close to the same state (whee!!!)  We’ll get pictures soon.

Carla has been busy working up a mock up of the pants for the green suit.  She’s made a pair of red linen pants that we’ll put in the shop to sell.  It’s turning out well, there are some tweaks that need to be made to the pattern.  The original was for a rather large man (50″ waist) so there’s some adjustments to be made.

pants mock up4  This is Carla showing off the pants.  They are a bit big on her.

pants mock up2  Neat pocket detail

pants mock up3  Funky fly flap

pants mock up  Someone more appropriately sized for this mock up, showing off how poofy they are.  I think they look fab!

The green doublet is proceeding along well.

greensuit1  Not the most flattering picture, but you can see the finger woven trim and the tangerine lining at the sleeves :).





Drive-by Update


Carla and I have been busy working on the Governor’s New Clothes these past few weekends.  Trim has been hand sewn onto the burgundy silk, and the finger weaving has been completed for the green suit.  I was hoping to get things more assembled this weekend, but we still have some eyelet holes to make.  I  pinned the tabs on the doublet so we could see where the eyelet holes needed to be placed.  So far, we’re pretty pleased with out it’s turning out.

doublet 1 doublet 2

doublet-trunkhose1 trunkhose2


Carla pinned the trunk hose to the ironing board so we could see how the “poof” poofed.  She still has to cartridge pleat the top onto the waist band, but they are looking quite spiff as well.  I love the detail at the waist band, but it’s hard to see in the picture.