Kitchen Site Update

Things have been happening at the Gardiner’s kitchen site this past month.

A load of gravel was put down on the road. While not complete, it will make the drive down better for those in cars.

New road, now gluten-free!

New road, now gluten-free!

If you are driving down the road, you’ll need a place to park. We’ve had some gravel put down in the parking area. More cars can now be parked to either side.

The white zone is for loading and unloading

The white zone is for loading and unloading

We plan to expand the parking area in the future, so this roadway is temporary.

The Company decided to purchase a used port-o-john, rather than renting one whenever we had something going on at the site. It was delivered this week.

PJ - Copy

While the outside fits in well with the surrounding forest, the inside is a different story:

One that ends with tears and a journey

One that ends with tears and a journey

The main thing is, it’s ours and it works.

Bob tested. Bob approved.

Bob tested. Bob approved.

The biggest news is the work that’s been done on the kitchen brick walls. The Company hired a local bricklayer, who started work on Friday. After just one day, the wall is almost complete.

It's a Wall! Mostly!

It’s a Wall! Mostly!

Laura1 - Copy

The sidewall to the right of Laura is the final height, just under 7 feet. The remaining work should be done next week, in time for the first work weekend, March 26th. We’ll be working on the hearth and oven, and doing layout on the charcoal braziers which go somewhere along here, I think.

Where's Laura

Where’s Laura

Zeke has been hard at work planning the timber framing, which we’ll get started later this year.

Those who can come to the work weekend can help us get the kitchen and the site ready for Muster.

We hope everyone can get out to Muster, this year April 28th – May 1st. You really have to see the site to appreciate how beautiful it is.

Lookin' good

Lookin’ good