Yule 1594

Mistress Olivia Carlyle reports that a good time was had by all at the celebration of Yule 1594.  There were many new and delicious dishes served upon the board, and the mystery of Marcus Carlyle’s death has been solved. 

It seems that Nicholas Trent is indeed clumsy, and did strike his halberd upon Master Carlyle’s head!  This occurred whilst they were escaping from a tavern where a group of the Carlyle clan was being arrested for pirating.  In their haste, Master Trent betumbled down the hill and did kill Master Carlyle.  Master Trent feared that no one would believe it was an accident, so he did move the body and escape to the most southern reaches of Ireland.  Master Gamble did determine that Master Carlyle died of a blow from a halberd, based on the wound.  Master Gamble also decided that it was at the hand of Nicholas Trent, since he was nowhere to be found he could take the blame.  Hence, the story we have always known. 

Ezekiel cleverly solved the mystery, finding the confession hidden within the journal found amongst Master Carlyle’s recently returned belongings.

Thanks to all who were able to attend, and adding to the enjoyable evening.