Rogue’s Gallery

In Southwark

Including the Liberty of the Clink, the Bankside, and the parishes of St Olave, St Mary Overie, St Saviour’s and St Thomas.

Household of Master Bedingfield

DSC_0659Robert Bedingfield is a Barrister by trade and a drummer in our greate Companie. He hails from Ditchingham, Norfolk, but now resides in Southwark, and is in the employ of the Bishop. A learned man and the gentleman of the company, he manages pay and presides over musters at the behest of Captain Gardiner.

Isobel Bedingfield is Master Robert’s snooty wife. Lately she has not been seen as she has retired to the country to raise the children away from crowded and stinking Southwark.

Ian Gildingwater is an actor by trade and an Ensign in Gardiner’s Company. He very rarely finds himself with work in his trade, and therefore tends to amass a bit of debt, which Robert is left to deal with.

Fanny is the Alewife and proprietor of the Cat’s Perch Inn. She is often seen in Robert’s company when his wife is away, and he is generous in his gifts to her.

Ian  FannyJamestown

Household of Master Hamilton

DSC_0665James Hamilton is Corporal of Pike, and works as a guard at the Paris Gardens. He is the best of ruffians and one to call when lesser ruffians are about. Strong of arm and weak of mind, he is often seen in the company of ladies, whether his company is desired or not.

Eleanore Hamilton is Master Hamilton’s patient wife. She is a most excellent cook for the Company when out mustering in the field. Eleanore is a fine seamstress and needleworker, taking on what jobs she can to help James drink as he wishes. Mistress Hamilton is much pleased by the constant company of her cousin, Mistress Carlyle, to interrupt the poor singing and occasional lewdness of Master Hamilton’s presence.

Olivia Carlyle is recently widowed. Her husband, from the North Country, near Dumfries, was a bully and went off to fight in the battle of Schmeewick. He was the only casualty of the battle, killed when the billhook of Nicholas Trent fell and split his head open. Olivia was not sorrowful, as a matter of fact, when he went to battle, she left his family home to visit her cousin, Mistress Eleanore Hamilton. Mistress Carlyle has been happy to stay with the Hamiltons (as we hope the Hamilton’s are happy to have her stay), and assists Eleanore with cooking when the Trayned Bandes have drill weekends. Other interests that keep Mistress Carlyle busy are taking in sewing for members of the Bandes.


Household of Master Pickering

DSC_0649 Ezekiel (Zeke) Pickering is a pikeman in the Bands, although he is best known as an enthusiastic advocate of the good English longbow. A seemingly simple fellow, many have made the mistake of trying to best him, particularly at dice. He has been both a lacemaker and a rather successful ratcather before moving on to the occupation of joiner.

Esther Pickering is a student of herbs, tinctures, medicine, and healing. She has tended to several of Zeke’s wounds from rat bites to slips of the chisel.

Ian Collins is our resident bear trainer, if you can call him that, and Player in the theatre. He is often seen attempting to make the bears fight in bear baiting matches, and haranguing the hounds for their poor performance. Ian can sometimes be a drain on Master Pickering’s house, but is currently working on some small embroidery commissions in hopes of applying successfully to join the Embroiders’ Guild.


Household of Master Pennington

MasterPennington MistressPenningtonThomas Pennington is a Master Turner, and Citizen of London. With his wife Elisabeth, he owns a row house on Walnut Tree Alley, and is landlord to some other members of the company. To supplement their income, he has also been known to speculate in real estate, used clothing, pawn brokering, and lute strings, though not always to their profit.

Elisabeth Pennington is his loving wife, and quite skilled with a set knitting needles.


Household of Master Gravesend

AlanAlan Gravesend is a gentleman volunteer associated with Master Gardiner’s company of the trained bands of Southwark; he is a veteran of the wars in the Low Countries, and is currently looking for a military commission. While in the Low Countries, he served with some (unknown) distinction under Sir John ‘Black Jack’ Norris, now his employer in estate management.

Jane Gravesend is Alan’s devoted wife. She often will travel with Gravesend and/or the Bandes on musters, following the camp and assisting in the kitchens as willing and able. When not following Alan, she stays with her cousin, Master James Hamilton, and his family. When not rendering aide in the kitchens, Jane prefers to occupy her hands with thread, yarn and needles, and will take small requests of mending, knitting and narroware creation for a few extra coin.


Household of Master Sharpe

DSC_0661Nathaniel Sharpe has achieved the rank of Sergeant in Gardiner’s company and a mapmaker by trade. He supplements his meager income (from lack of ability, I hear) by surveying the streets of Southwark for the Crown. Nathaniel lives at the south corner of Tooley St. and Morgan Ln. with his wife, Katherine and their two children, Joanna and Gareth.



 Household of Master Gamble

MasterGambleSmGeoffrey Gamble is a builder’s son from Leicester. As a youth he was apprenticed to an instrument maker, as well as serving in the local Trained Bands were he rose to the rank of Sergeant (although he denies that his father’s influence had anything to do with this). In 1588 he moved to London as a journeyman instrument maker; when the Armada threatened later that year, he bought his way onto a ship of the Channel squadron as a soldier and served with some distinction during the campaign (as he is only too happy to relate). He subsequently joined Captain Gardner’s company of Trained Bandsmen in Southwark, rising to the rank of Sergeant by 1590. In 1592 he was admitted to the Company of Instrument Makers of London, setting up his own shop and taking Grace as his wife. His cousin Elaine is staying with him at his house in Southwark.

Grace Gamble is the daughter of Dutch refugees (her father being a silversmith), herself born in Bermondsey. She is married to Geoffrey Gamble, a marriage which also brought into the family her somewhat disreputable brother, ‘Bohb’. Grace is involved in her husband’s business, where she demonstrates her decorative skills.


Household of Master Aldridge

PercyKatePercival (Percy) Aldridge is the son of a local toymaker. He spent many years apprenticed to Master Sharpe in his map shoppe, but when he became a journeyman, found it was not to his liking. Percy was able to take advantage of Ian’s promotion to Ensign and quickly filled the position of company Clarke (they dragged him kicking and screaming the whole way). He has found great prosperity in his new position and is also rumored to be the resident stool pigeon to Captain Gardiner. He is quickly working his way towards a mastership (especially with his new found flow of funds) so that he may wed his sweetheart, Kate Maunsel.

Kate Aldridge is a journeyman tailor by trade and is quickly tiring of Percy’s lack of ability to gain a Mastership. Rumor has it, she may wed another very soon if Percy doesn’t get his act together. Kate and her twin brother Kip are the eldest of four born in Southwark, England. Their father is a tailor who inherited a fair amount of debt, so the twins were put to work as soon as they could hold a needle. Both were apprenticed out at 9 and recently became journeymen tailors. Kate, desperate for a husband at the ripe age of 20, is hoping that her suitor, Percy, decides soon if he can afford a wife. Kate currently resides at the corner of Gully Hole and Tooley Streets.

Kip Maunsel, brother to Kate, is a journeyman tailor by trade and a pikeman in the Bandes. Kip participates in the Trayned Bandes for the extra income and is a bit of a trouble maker.

Members At Large

DSC_0668 Edwin Passwater works on a shallop on the Thames. He is Corporal of the Bills, a heavy drinker, and all around slacker.

orlandoeditOrlando an impressive tailor and member of the Company also bears the ensign during Pike drill and marches.

RussellIgnatius Green is a pikeman in the Bands, though he normally is a grenadier at musters, which has earned him the nickname Stumpy. He works part time for the City of London as a fire safety inspector, and is often credited with the codes which would serve the city for the next three generations.

Rowland Rowland Smith is a metalworker and member of the Shot with Gardiner’s Company.



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