Clothing and Accessories

Impression Workbook

BedingfieldsatJamestownThe most visible aspect of your persona is your clothing and your kit. “Kit” refers to all the things you have on or about you. This can include any tools of your trade, your weapons and armor, your coin and gaming items. Your kit may all fit into a belt purse/bag, or you may have a large chest (or two) that holds it all.

As you become more experienced and knowledgeable, you will want to add to, or even replace your
kit. Bringing a period project or item you want to show off or discuss is a great way to get started and it does not have to be a serious matter. For starters, however, here are the required basics, along with some suggested additions. Remove all SCA-specific items like scarves, medallions, favors, coronets, etc.

Minimal Clothing List – required
All Personas
hat (Monmouth cap, flat cap, coif, tall hat)
garters (not knitted)
gloves – knitted or leather (for warmth)

Male Personas
falling band/cuffs
doublet (with sleeves)

Female Personas
bodice (with sleeves)

Minimal Personal Gear – required
coins (you’ll get these from the clerk)
belt purse or bag
drinking vessel (wood or ceramic)
knife (for eating)

Highly Recommended
haversack (leather)
hand towel/napkin
cassock, cloak, or dutch cloak
lacing points

Some items are correct for the period, but not for Bandesmen. You are encouraged to speak to the
Education Officer about any item of clothing or gear before making a purchase or construction.

Arms and Armor