Impression Workbook

Printable PDF of the Impression_Workbook

This is a workbook for the new(ish) member of Gardiner’s Company to use in crafting an authentic persona impression for use during Bandes events and gatherings. A Bandes impression is unique and different from an SCA or other historical re-creation group persona. You will have to develop not only a “kit” (clothing & accessories), but a name & family history, an occupation or trade, and a working knowledge of social activities (games, sports, insults) and current events for our era. Finally, you will learn to speak an approximation of the language of Elizabethan London.

Some members have chosen to translate their real lives into an appropriate period one. You can use the names of your real siblings take a profession that is similar to what you do now. Others portray a person with little in common to what they do in the mundane world. All of this preparation will help you at events to have things to talk about with others.

You can work with other members to build an integrated background story that allows you to play off of them to get things started. Some members have even identified the house they live in on maps from the period. While a very high level impression isn’t done by everyone, all members are expected to achieve a basic level impression. Unlike the SCA, an “attempt” at authenticity isn’t sufficient; you are expected to reach an acceptable level of kit and persona by the end of your probation and are expected to advance your impression over time.

This workbook will assist you with organizing and keeping track of your impression development. It is not a resource, although it does provide some basic options for you to use as a starting point (i.e., occupations). Numerous sourcebooks are available and many are listed at the end of the workbook.

The workbook contains sheets for you to fill-in with your choices; you are free to change any, or all, of your selections. When fully completed, you will have the beginnings of a Bandes impression. From there, the development is up to you and wherever your interests take you.

– Occupation/Level
– Trayne’d Bandes connections
– Place of residence
– Place of origin
– Family
– Education/literacy
Worksheet – Minimal Persona (required)

Clothing & accessories
– Minimal clothing (required)
– Minimal personal gear (required)
– Highly recommended

Arms & armor
– Minimal arms & armor (required)
– Highly recommended

– Simple Adjustments to Speech
– A Note on Titles

– Games
– Indoor
– Outdoor
– Music
– Dance
– Entertainment Items – Highly recommended

– Sources
– Glossary of Occupations
– Occupations to Avoid